Color by number

Create a magical world to escape into - enjoy the therapeutic effects of coloring no matter where you are. Pixeland is a coloring book for adults and kids that offers an easy yet relaxing way to reduce tension and stress levels, restoring your own awareness and wellbeing. Creating unique colorful pictures could be your very own form of meditative exercise helping to refocus and relax.

But this coloring book can be a fantastic educational tool for kids as much as a great way to have fun on the go for the adults. The obvious benefits for children include improved fine motor skills, finger strength and dexterity, better focus and eye-to-hand coordination. When children color by number, they enjoy the freedom of making their own color decisions, expressing themselves through art and processing their feelings.

Key Features

A great choice of coloring pages to choose from, including intricate mandalas.

Fresh new art added daily to make sure you never run out of inspiration.

A set of tools to help you create and have fun.

Pixel art camera to transform your own photos into art pieces.

Funny way to spend your time

Being more than just a recreational activity, Pixeland color by number book gives children structure, fosters patience and prepares them for school while making the process of focusing their attention easy, fun and relaxing.

A task as simple as coloring by numbers can give children a sense of accomplishment and boost their confidence.

Unique pixel artworks every day

Add a splash of fun to your day - enjoy relaxing and engaging coloring on your phone or tablet!

Relax while coloring

Pixeland gives you the ultimate stress relief and comes where you go, no pencils necessary. Just paint by number.

Here’s your brain:

if you are constantly worried about something - the neural link created by the negative background is working all the time.

Our application allows you to switch and temporarily focus on the new object. This allows us to weaken the connection with the events that you are concerned about.